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EMC Shielding

The function of electronic equipment can be impaired by electromagnetic fields (EMF). The problem: exposure to EMF is growing due to an increase in wireless communication. Industry 4.0 extensively operates using wireless data transmission. As a result, the number of potential sources of error increase with the number of connected devices. A further example of the growth of EMF is the 5G network. It closes reception gaps, but also leads to increased radiation emissions. In view of this trend, sensitive electronics particularly need reliable solutions for EMF shielding.

Commonly used for

basic material for EMI applications
Computer Mobile Forensic
electromagnetic fields
high frequency measurements
RFID curtains
room shielding
Shielding enclosure
shielding garments

Shielded Tents (Faraday Cage)

The electromagnetic shielding tents from Shieldex are based on the principle of the Faraday cage. Incoming and outgoing emissions are prevented within a defined frequency band. Even high-frequency measurements can be performed in our tents. Due to their flexible and lightweight components, Shieldex shielded tents are portable and can be erected and dismantled in a very short time. The tents can be created from table size to hall size.

5G Network

Observing limit values for emission protection plays an important role in the expansion of mobile networks. After all, it must be ensured that electromagnetic fields are compatible with humans and the environment. However, the problem is that expanding 5G increases the complexity of radiation exposure, resulting in significant challenges for emission measuring techniques. Our Shieldex shielding products offer protection against 5G radiation in various scenarios.

Architectural Room Shielding

The electromagnetic shielding fabrics from Shieldex are designed to efficiently protect a room. The textile structure of the Shieldex products makes the material easy to handle and it can be applied without any major effort. Our self-adhesive materials are designed to be affixed both onto and between surfaces.

Digital & Mobile Forensics

Shieldex offers a comprehensive range of textile solutions to shield against external access to mobile devices. The use of Shieldex products offers security, especially within law enforcement and the military and as a means of protecting against espionage and hacking. Forensic evidence can be secured using the electromagnetic shielding fabrics.

Shielded Curtains

The shielded curtains from Shieldex enable a clear, mobile separation of areas, such as within warehouse management. This allows specific areas to be insulated and shielded, which boosts efficiency and reduces costs by minimising errors.

Industry favourites

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    Shieldex® Berlin RS

    Cable Shielding
    Shielding enclosure
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    Shieldex® Nora Dell CR

    Electromagnetic Shielding
    Shielding enclosure
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    Shieldex® Zell RS CR

    Electromagnetic Shielding
    IR shielding
    Shielding enclosure
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    Shieldex® Kiel-SK-96

    room shielding
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    Shieldex® Bremen RS

    selective plating
    Shielding enclosure