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Smart Clothes & Wearables

Warming textiles

Textiles processed with silver-plated Shieldex yarns and surfaces can be used in a wide variety of applications for heatable applications.

For example, Shieldex has already been incorporated into heatable undergarments. The heat generated by electrical resistance has a beneficial effect on back and neck pain and tension. Due to the flexible textile, the clothing is heated evenly- aches are alleviated and muscles are relaxed by the heat.

The special advantage over comparable heat treatments with ointments and plasters, which promote blood circulation and relieve pain, is the textile structure of Shieldex materials. The 99.9% pure silver in the processed textiles is friendly on the skin, anti-odor and washable in the final product.

Glowing textiles

Wearers of luminous textiles have a significant advantage: they are visible at day and night time. Luminous textiles are particularly suitable for cyclists. Smart jackets not only illuminate the front and back, but by raising the arm the jacket acts as a turn signal to inform drivers of a direction change. Shieldex can be incorporated into the jackets as an electronic conductor. Because of their textile structure, the silver-plated yarns have a significant advantage over conventional cables. They are lightweight, flexible and washable.

Shielding textiles

Electrosensitivity is characterized by a number of non-specific symptoms. These can be manifested by fatigue, concentration problems and dizziness, among other things. The respective symptoms are real in those affected, and vary in intensity and severity. The metallized yarns and surfaces from Shieldex have been successfully used for years for electrosensitivity. The surfaces of Shieldex, refined with different metals, can shield up to 90 dB in a frequency range of 2 to 5 GHz. We produce canopies, electromagnetic shielding overalls as well as curtains for shielding electromagnetic radiation.

Textile Cable Replacement

Shieldex is lightweight, flexible, bendable and versatile due to its textile structure, while silver conducts heat and electricity. This innovating combination of the two delivers a product already used in 2018 by one of the largest American IT groups for a rubber tablet keyboard that could be folded and rolled up.
It is made possible by partial metallization, a process developed by Shieldex in which only the required structure of the respective conductor track or heating coil is mapped and metallized.

Shieldex Sports

An EMS suit was designed in collaboration with a sportswear manufacturer using Shieldex dry electrodes and Shieldex yarns in place of traditional cables. Electrical muscle stimulation is performed using dry electrodes, which effectively stimulates all major muscle groups as well as difficult-to-train deep muscles. Another benefit is that the silver anchored in the electrodes has antimicrobial properties.

In collaboration with electronics and sensor manufacturers, sensors can be developed with Shieldex material that can detect injuries early and treat the consequences arising from the injury in a prompt manner. Head injuries and the ensuing concussions are two examples. Integrated sensors in compression jerseys and leggings can assist identify arm or leg injuries.

Shieldex Think Tank

We are always working on new developments. Because of the diversity of our yarns and surfaces metallized with silver, nickel, tin and copper, our textiles can be incorporated into many products and applications that need to heat, light, warm and shield. Shieldex is a successful global technology leader in the silver plating of polyamide 6 and 6.6.

Would you like to know what other applications are possible with our products?

Our Shieldex Think Tank focuses on future-oriented topics and ideas that are possible with Shieldex materials. Our focus is on B2B as well as on research and development of new products. You have the idea - we have the solution.

Please note that we are not a manufacturer or supplier of finished sensors or the like.