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Everyday clothing is often in direct contact with microorganisms on the skin. The warm, moist environment offers a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which can lead to unpleasant odours, stains and even skin irritation, not only during sports. Silver-plated Shieldex materials have an antibacterial effect and bear the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 quality seal. Health-related consequences of the 5G technology and general exposure to radiation are the subject of controversial debate – both in public and in scientific studies. Shieldex textiles have been shown to shield up to 14 GHz.

Commonly used for

antimicroial garments
elektrische Muskelstimulation (EMS)
garment production
Skin Diseases


Electrosensitivity is everyday exposure that can lead to discomfort, sleep disorders and cognitive deficits. Shieldex enables shielding wallpapers and curtains to be produced. We use the same material here that is also used for our shielded tents for aerospace.


Shieldex is highly conductive, flexible and inhibits odours. The silver threads worked into the textile can identify and transmit physical signals during sporting activities. The integrated technology helps to make garments more intelligent and more comfortable. Shieldex products can thus forward the data collected in an EMS suit, such as heart and breathing rate or the strength of an impact, to an external device.

Skin Conditions

Human skin reacts to external stimuli and can be affected by pathogens, heat or medications. Many skin conditions cause changes to the skin that are accompanied by unpleasant symptoms. The Shieldex technology combines 99.9% pure silver with a flexible textile for a cooling, temperature-regulating and odour-inhibiting effect on the skin – even with prolonged wear.

Industry favourites

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    Shieldex® Bremen PW

    EMV Anwendungen
    Shielding enclosure
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    1101201111 (narrow) & 1100601151 (wide)

    Shieldex® Tulle

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    Shieldex® Med-tex P180

    garment production
    Skin Diseases
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    Shieldex® Kiel Wallpaper

    Electromagnetic Shielding
    room shielding
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    Private: Shieldex® Knitted Spacer Fabric

    Electrical Switch
    Heating Structure