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IT Forensics & Shielding

Data Security

Along with infrared shielding, Shieldex also offers shielding solutions for forensic investigation, law enforcement, the military, as well as the protection of sensitive data and hacking while traveling. Intelligence agencies already rely on Shieldex's reliable shielding solutions. With Shieldex® Safety Pouches, secured devices remain offline. In law enforcement, this is particularly useful for ensuring the integrity of forensic evidence, preventing remote hacking and tracking, and protecting collected information from theft in secured facilities. High-quality materials and over 40 years of experience are crucial in the development of customized products.

Shielding Forensic Boxes

The Shieldex® Forensic Box provides the ultimate in radio frequency (RF) signal shielding. At the same time, forensic examination of electronic devices within the box itself is made possible by two gloves made with Shieldex shielding fabrics. The boxes are specifically designed to examine devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops and similar large electronic devices while remaining shielded from RF signals. The shielded viewing window allows the devices to be examined in a safe environment without signals passing from the outside to the inside or vice versa.

The Shieldex® Forensic Box shields an average of 85 dB in a frequency range of 0.03 - 16 GHz. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals up to 5G are safely blocked. The size is 80 x 55 x 50 cm.

EMC Room Shielding

Shieldex materials can be used to shield rooms to ensure secrecy, test technologies in an environment protected from espionage, and to protect data from unauthorized access. Moreover, satellite manufacturers from northern Germany put their trust in the shielding tents made in the German atelier. With Shieldex, not only can measurements and laboratory tests be carried out on large-scale projects such as vehicles and satellites, but mobile operations centers can also be protected. Whether a shielding wallpaper, a mobile Faraday cage or RFID curtains are needed for the operation - Shieldex offers the solution.

Your Advantages with Shieldex

There are no limits to the areas that can be protected
From an airplane hangar to secret whereabouts to transportation boxes.

Easy and time-saving installation
Two people can set up a mobile EMC tent in a short period of time

Weight advantages
Based on textile, Shieldex configurations are lightweight, flexible and longer lasting

We produce what you need
Custom manufacturing

Quality counts
Made in Germany

Shieldex® EMC tents are already successfully used in IT forensics. The Shieldex® Forensic Enclosures consist of a double-layer fabric with a shielding effectiveness of up to 85 dB in a frequency range of 0.03 - 16 GHz.