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EMC Automotive

Sensitive Electronic

The requirement for electronics and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of the components used in vehicles is becoming increasingly important, particularly in the growing electromobility trend. Electronic components, as well as the use of wireless technologies in the automotive industry, pose many challenges to the functionality and communication of the individual components and the resulting safety of drivers.

Nowadays, motor vehicles already act autonomously in many situations: digital assistance systems support the driver, park independently and keep a safe distance to other vehicles. Sensors also play a very important role here. In addition to the electromagnetic compatibility of the vehicles, sensors and heating systems ensure special driving comfort.

EMC Precompliance

Shieldex® shielding enclosures offer a flexible and cost-effective alternative to conventional test laboratories for measurements and tests. A leading German automobile manufacturer already relies on the Shieldex® shielding enclosures, which function like a Faraday cage.

A particularly convincing feature is the comparatively fast and inexpensive installation of the tent, which shields against external influences and electromagnetic waves.

Another advantage is the unique quality as well as the durability of the textiles metallized with silver, copper, nickel and tin. Large-volume objects such as trucks can also be tested in the EMC shielding tents made up according to customer requirements. In addition to the automotive industry, the shielding tents are also applied in leading aerospace and defense companies.

Textile Electronic

Steering wheel heating has long been a standard feature of many car manufacturers. With its metallized products, Shieldex supplies the basic material for the heated steering wheel. The properties of silver allow electricity and thus heat to be generated through electrical resistance.

Flexible circuits can be incorporated within the steering wheel with flexibility thanks to their textile nature, and are impressive in terms of quality and durability.

Capacitive grip sensors already detect whether the hands are gripping the steering wheel while driving. The sensitivity of the sensors means that even the slightest touch is detected. Grip positions on the steering wheel can be measured, evaluated and optimized via the driver system, and the emergency stop assistant can be activated if the driver remains inactive. Shieldex supplies the extremely conductive, metallized textiles here.

Shieldex Think Tank

We are always working on new developments. Because of the diversity of our yarns and surfaces metallized with silver, nickel, tin and copper, our textiles can be incorporated into many products and applications that need to heat, light, warm and shield. Shieldex is a successful global technology leader in the silver plating of polyamide 6 and 6.6.

Would you like to know what other applications are possible with our products?

Our Shieldex Think Tank focuses on future-oriented topics and ideas that are possible with Shieldex materials. Our focus is on B2B as well as on research and development of new products. You have the idea - we have the solution.

Please note that we are not a manufacturer or supplier of finished sensors or the like.