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Shieldex Novelties

Research shapes tomorrows future. They are versatile, individual and ingenious. At Shieldex, the scientific and innovative drive is an important part of the company. Since 1978, we have been developing technical, innovative and future-oriented projects, always striving for new developments that will help shape the products of tomorrow.

Wrapped Yarns

Shieldex Wrapped Yarns

Shieldex® Wrapped Yarns are a new range of wrapped yarns developed in cooperation with Lederer GmbH. The wrapping process here delivers new and innovative possibilities, such as dyed yarns wrapped with Shieldex's thermally and electrically conductive yarns. Yarns with an elastic core and a textile coaxial cable that shields interference radiation, which is currently under development, also expand the portfolio.

Shieldex® Wrapped Yarn
Shieldex® Silverjersey

Shieldex® Silverjersey

Shieldex® Silverjersey is a combination of pure silver threads and cotton. Thanks to the 17% proportion of silver yarn, the shielding performance of the jersey is around 38 dB in the frequency range of 0.2 GHz to 5 GHz. In addition, the Shieldex® Silverjersey can be further processed for various different applications in the clothing industry.

Shieldex® Nanking

Thanks to its unique combination of conductive properties, lightweight construction, and high shielding performance of up to 70 dB, Shieldex® Nanking is a versatile choice for a wide range of applications requiring electromagnetic shielding.

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