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Health & Hygiene

Shieldex products are an essential part of healthcare. Silver technology improves hygiene – both in the air (example: air filters), on surfaces (example: door handles) and in water (example: water tanks in mobile homes). A further area of use for silver textiles is Ambient Active Living, i.e. in assistance systems that promote a self-determined life. Technical equipment used against the body to measure vital signs is often uncomfortable and difficult to clean – a problem that Shieldex was virtually made to solve.

Commonly used for

air filtration
motion detection
textile electrodes
vital parameter
water treatment


The Shieldex technology combines quality, longevity and sustainability. The 99.9% pure silver in the textile has an antimicrobial, odour-inhibiting and temperature-regulating effect. Due to the reduced quantity of bacteria, the clothing can be washed less often at low temperatures. Shieldex textiles are incorporated, for instance, into: sportswear, socks, bed linen, towels and gloves. Antimicrobial Shieldex products are manufactured in accordance with the biocides regulation (EU).

Water Treatment & Air Filtration

For over 10 years, Shieldex has concerned itself with preventing infections caused by legionella in contaminated water and other pathogens. In a textile and solid form, silvered structures can be produced that constantly and reliably reduce the germ load to a minimum compared to conventional filter structures. Shieldex products are also used successfully in air filtration.


Textile electrodes are ideal for TENS and EMS applications thanks to their textile structure. Due to the flexible structure, the textile electrodes can also be affixed in hard-to-reach areas. With highly conductive yarns and fabrics, Shieldex offers solutions for electrically and thermally conductive applications, particularly within medical technology. The Shieldex technology can replace conventional electrodes and wires while also making the products more comfortable, more flexible and longer-lasting.

Orthopaedic technology

Movements become more difficult as we get older. The risk of falls also increases. Shieldex allows sensors to be produced that follow the patient’s movements. For instance, pressure sensors in the floor can provide information about patient falls. In a hospital bed, bedsores can be prevented using pressure sensors. ECGs and defibrillators are incorporated directly into items of clothing to monitor a patient’s vital signs. In the field of orthopaedics, sensors and electrodes in prostheses provide electrical stimulation.

Industry favourites

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    Shieldex® 33/10 Antimicrobial

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    Shieldex® Med-tex P180

    garment production
    Skin Diseases
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    Shieldex® Silitex

    Smart Textiles
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    Shieldex® Bonn

    Cable Shielding
    Electromagnetic Shielding
    static derivation