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Shieldex® shielding curtains

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Shieldex® shielding curtains

The constant digitalisation process and further development of wireless networks is leading to a growing number of signals being overlaid on top of each other. Signals are disrupted and error messages are becoming more frequent. The Shieldex® shielding curtains offer a solution by guaranteeing controlled wireless communication. Shielding up to 95 dB between 0.3 to 18 GHz.

Commonly used for
  • EMV Anwendungen
  • room shielding
  • Warehousing


The Shieldex® shielding curtains enable a clear and mobile separation of goods storage locations in modern large-scale warehouses, screened rooms and also in private areas. The spatial separation prevents signals from different systems from overlapping. Shielding effectiveness of 95 dB from 0.3 - 18 GHz.

At a glance

Not only in industry, but also at home, the Shieldex® shielding curtains can protect windows and doors from electromagnetic radiation. Their light weight and easy installation make the Shieldex® shielding curtains very user-friendly. The Shieldex® shielding curtains can be configured to meet your specific shielding requirements.