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Shieldex® shielding curtains

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Shieldex® shielding curtains

Due to the constant digitalization and further development of radio networks, the overlapping of signals is increasing. Signals are disturbed and error messages accumulate. The Shieldex® shielding curtains provide a remedy by guaranteeing regulated radio communication. Shielding up to 95 dB between 0.3 and 18 GHz. The Shieldex fabrics processed in the shielding curtains provide a high level of shielding against electromagnetic waves. The use of RFID in warehouse management guarantees an increase in efficiency by minimizing errors and thus significantly reducing costs. The Shieldex® shielding curtains can be installed in a wide variety of areas.

Commonly used for
  • EMI Applications
  • room shielding
  • Warehousing


The Shieldex® shielding curtains enable a clear and mobile separation of goods storage locations in modern large-scale warehouses, screened rooms and also in private areas. The spatial separation prevents signals from different systems from overlapping.

At a glance

Not only in industry, but also at home, the Shieldex® shielding curtains can protect windows and doors from electromagnetic radiation. Their light weight and easy installation make the Shieldex® shielding curtains very user-friendly. The Shieldex® shielding curtains can be configured to meet your specific shielding requirements.

Countless possibilities


There are countless possibilities for mounting the Shieldex® shielding curtains. With loops, eyelets and VELCRO® hook-and-loop tape, the Shieldex® shielding curtain can be fastened in a wide variety of places and for a wide variety of purposes. Hence, in warehouse management every customer requirement can be met. Shieldex® shielding curtains offer strong, technical solutions and can conceal a wide variety of geometries. Depending on customer requirements, the installation of Shieldex® shielding curtains can be designed as needed. Even lamella curtains made of Shieldex material are already in use. Are you looking for a target-oriented solution?

Colorful development
Countless Colours

Colorful development

Shieldex shielding curtains are available in two standard variants. To protect the shielding fabric from dirt and external influences, it can be finished either from one side, or from both sides with a flame-retardant polyester (Delinova® FR/200). The design of the Delinova® FR/200 is as versatile as the areas of application of the shielding curtains, which are available in a variety of colors. Delinova® FR / 200 is flame-retardant to DIN 4102/B1, particularly hard-wearing, water-, oil- and dirt-repellent, highly lightfast and weather-resistant.


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