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Sensors, Heating & Lighting

While technical requirements on electronics are constantly increasing, the fusion of electronics with textiles offers flexibility and longevity. Our textiles can integrate lighting, heating, switching, electronics and sensor technology, offer robust, space- and weight-saving properties, and are versatile.

Commonly used for

capacitive sensor
heating structures
textile cable replacement
textile connector
textile electrodes


Thanks to the unique Shieldex technology, innovative textile sensors can be manufactured using yarns, textiles and metallised sundries to record various physical parameters. These include capacitive sensors, pressure sensors and temperature sensors.

Heating Structures

We produce textile heating structures with high electrical resistance. In combination with electricity, these generate heat due to electrical resistance. Our textile heating structures are used in the automotive sector, prosthetics, medicine, wellness, and orthopaedic technology.

Industry favourites

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    Shieldex® Knitted Spacer Fabric

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    Shieldex® 78/20

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    Shieldex® Technik-tex P130 + B