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At home in Bremen
– since 1978

About us

Shieldex is the leading manufacturer of metallized textiles with production site in Bremen, Germany. We use real metallic silver, copper, nickel and tin and incorporate these metals into the textiles using a globally unique chemical process, which enables us to harness the natural properties of these metals being in a textile and flexible form. Our customers and partners provide the impetus for Shieldex innovations, and our versatile solutions and applications offer innovative, textile solutions for the challenges of today's - and tomorrow's - industries.


Over 40 years of experience

How a small workshop became a globally successful SME.

Kurt Bertuleit

Textile engineer Kurt Bertuleit conducted research into silver and plastic alongside chemist Hermann Lewis. They pursued the idea of producing silvered yarns to discharge static electricity in carpets. Statex GmbH was born. The company soon produced silvered antistatic yarns for technical textiles. Naturally in Bertuleit’s hometown of Bremen.

First fabrics

Statex GmbH was now able to silver-coat woven and knitted fabrics and nonwoven fabrics over their entire surface. In 1992, the company also succeeded in applying copper, nickel and tin coatings to textiles.

Claudia Erichsen

After over 15 years with the company, Claudia Erichsen, the daughter of Kurt Bertuleit, became managing director. Products from Statex GmbH also became available to end customers under the brand “Silverell”. Statex experienced its biggest growth phase to date and overcame its economically most difficult period under the leadership of Claudia Erichsen.

New location

Due to the constant demand for silvered products, Statex Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH expanded to its current location at Kleiner Ort 9–11 in Bremen in 2005, where it still boasts 1300m² of production space and a prestigious, multi-storey office complex.

Medical applications

The antimicrobial properties of silver became the subject of focus for medical products. Wound dressings and other silver textiles have since been supporting wound healing with the help of the precious metal’s antiseptic effect, alleviating discomfort caused by skin conditions such as neurodermatitis, and reducing sweating and odours.


Autonomous driving, efficient assistance systems, extensive electronics and heating options – Statex GmbH provides the automotive world with textile components in these areas and has also helped young manufacturers such as Tesla to implement innovative ideas. The delivery of an EMC shielded tent to the American space authority NASA, in which Mars robots and satellites are tested, represented a special milestone for the company.

Smart Textiles

A new, ground-breaking technology made it possible to partially metallise textile conductive paths. This opened up the possibility of flexible textile structures in the electronics industry. Customers from haute couture also use the textiles to create luminous clothing or integrate smart functions into work and everyday clothing.

Robert Erichsen

Robert Erichsen, the grandson of founder Kurt Bertuleit, was the third generation of the family to be appointed managing director of Statex GmbH and has been leading his team through the pandemic since the very beginning. In terms of drive and a desire to innovate, he and his now 50 employees are facing the next chapter in the company’s history and are paving the way for the long-term orientation of the company.


A virus keeps the world on tenterhooks: SARS-CoV-2. But necessity is the mother of invention. And so the Shieldex® copper tape was born – a product that was mainly created to protect employees. In just a short time, the copper tape not only conquered the German market but also generated a great deal of attention internationally, enabling many new and important partnerships for Statex GmbH.

Statex becomes Shieldex

Statex GmbH has taken the courageous and unusual decision to introduce the globally known brand name of its Shieldex products as its new company name. This brand revolution was announced in 2021 with a new logo and new corporate design.


The Shieldex Team

We live for and love our work and our exceptional Shieldex products. To offer you the best possible service, you will find a list of your personal contacts below.

Board of Management

Hanseatic, down-to-earth and already in its 3rd generation – the Board of Management at Statex GmbH.

Claudia Erichsen
Robert Erichsen
Milan Christiansen

Our Sales department will help you with all matters concerning our products and looks forward to receiving your enquiry. Are you planning a research project? We are on hand to provide any assistance you require here, too.

Kim-Tina Pätzoldt
International Business Development Manager
Stefan Harms
Application Engineer
Britta Moritzer
International Sales
Tanja Haiss
International Sales
Sebastian Wessels
Senior Business Development Manager

Time for creativity at Shieldex. Find out here who is responsible for the content of our flyers and newsletters.

Ricarda Böcker
Quality Management

Do you have any questions about our certificates, awards or internal company processes? Our Quality Management department will be very happy to assist you.

Ulrike Lüthge
Quality Management
Markus Grefe
Quality Management
Human Resources

Would you like to be part of a young, dynamic and target-oriented team? Then you’ve come to the right place with us!

Christina Fischer
Human Resources & Administration
International Presence
international presence map
  • DE

    Statex Produktions-
    und Vertriebs GmbH
    Kleiner Ort 9-11
    28357 Bremen

  • GB & IE

    HITEK Electronic Materials LTD
    Mr. Jim Lawton

  • US & CA

    V Technical Textiles, Inc.
    Shieldex® US
    Mr. Chris Cook

  • IT

    Mr. Alberto Garbaccio
    Shieldex Sales Representative

  • TR

    Teksel Tekstil
    Mr. Yavuz Agaoglu

  • ISR

    igos MN ltd.
    Mr. Shai Bar-on
    Shieldex EMC Sales Representative

  • PT

    Filipa Carvalho,
    Representações Unipessoal Lda.
    Mr. Fernando Carvalho

  • HU

    Lorix Ltd.
    Dr. Lóránth József

  • ZA

    EMC Technology
    Mr. Jim Lawton

  • IT

    Volta S.p.A.
    Mr. Alessandro Corniani
    Shieldex EMC Sales Representative

  • BNL

    EEMC B.V.
    Mr. Bertram Padmos
    Shieldex EMC Sales Representative

  • PL

    ARIZO sp. z o.o
    Mr. Mr. Mariusz Piękoś
    Shieldex EMC Sales Representative


Shieldex Technology

We exclusively use pure silver with at least 99.9% purity in our products; no harmful nano silver is used in Shieldex products. Together with polyamide, the textiles gain strength and elasticity. Silver is a soft and ductile material and guarantees, among other things, electrical and thermal conductivity. The combination of these components gives the metallised fabrics special properties. They have an antibacterial, fungicidal, odour-inhibiting, skin-friendly, temperature-regulating, conductive, antistatic and shielding effect. The products are suited to different areas of application, depending on their metal content and material properties. In this way, our products can be used for technical applications such as EMC shielding or sensors, but also for medical applications based on their antibacterial and skin-friendly properties.

Innovation through sustainability

Sustainability is particularly important for us as a company that uses chemical production methods. A commitment to the sustainability of our technologies, systems and operations is one of our fundamental principles. Our commitment goes beyond EU regulations and certificates. We help to protect the environment and people with resource-conserving and environmentally friendly processes, protective measures for our employees and a focus on regional purchasing. Over recent decades, we have driven forward a variety of initiatives and modernisations to recycle processed materials. For instance, silver and raw polyamide in our production waste are separated from each other and processed so that the silver can be reused in a new production process.

Top quality

As the global market leader in the manufacture of silver-coated fabrics with over 40 years of experience in silvering textiles, we combine expertise with innovative product ideas.


Statex GmbH has already been certified for various silver-coated textiles in product class I in accordance with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® since 2003.

ISO 9001

As semi-finished and finished products, Shieldex products are guaranteed halogen-free and our quality management system has been certified according to ISO 9001 since 2002.


The new European chemicals regulation REACH, with specifications for all manufacturers and users of chemical substances, entered into force on 1st June 2007.
According to REACH, all substances that are produced or imported in quantities over 1t per year must be registered with the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency). Compulsory pre-registration and registration thus only apply to manufacturers and importers of chemicals. Statex GmbH is only a downstream user who uses the chemicals in a preparation. Statex exclusively uses the supplied chemicals according to the specifications of the safety data sheet. Based on the currently available candidate list of substances of very high concern (SVHC), Statex confirms that the supplied goods (the actual product and the packaging) do not contain over 0.1 per cent by weight (w/w) of any of the substances classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction in category 1 or 2 in the Annex to Directive 67/548/EEC. You can find the current candidate list at:

Conflict Minerals

Shieldex expressly distances itself from the introduction as well as the use of raw materials from conflict regions (Dodd Frank Act, § 1502). These raw materials are neither processed in our products nor passed on to our customers.

Code of Conduct

The trust of our employees and customers in our company and products is our most valuable asset. Sincere and morally impeccable conduct consolidates social trust and protects our company, our employees and our environment. This includes knowing - and complying with - the applicable legal requirements and internal rules. The Code of Conduct therefore forms the basis of our actions.