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Wound Dressing

Shieldex addresses various problems in the field of wound care. Multidrug-resistant germs represent a major problem in medical institutions. Shieldex products prevent wounds from being infected with these germs. The regular replacement of plasters and dressings also generates environmentally harmful waste that can be avoided with Shieldex. Shieldex silver-plated textiles are used as vital components in antibacterial wound dressings and stand out due to their GMP-compliant production. Shieldex fabrics are already used in medical products of the highest level (III) and convince by their high quality.

Commonly used for

pain treatment
wound dressing
wound management
wound monitor system

Wound Management

Shieldex has been offering innovative solutions for the health and medical market for over 15 years and is particularly used in wound management. The certified antibacterial technology of Shieldex products counteracts the contamination of open wounds and promotes healing with 99.9% pure silver. Wound contact layers made from Shieldex material can also be used to treat chronic wounds.

Wound Monitoring Systems

Without changing the dressing, the condition of the wound can be continuously monitored using an intelligent wound dressing. Sensors determine temperature increases, moisture and expansion. This enables complications and wound healing disorders to be identified and treated at an early stage. As an intermediary, Shieldex offers highly conductive yarns and fabrics that can be further processed as sensors.

Industry favourites

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    Shieldex® 22/1

    ESD applications
    garment production
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    Shieldex® Med-tex P70

    garment production
    skin diseases
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    1101201111 (narrow) & 1100601151 (wide)

    Shieldex® Tulle