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Shieldex products are suitable for a variety of applications. For instance, silvered yarns are processed in the technical clothing and textile industry, and the automotive sector benefits from the electrically and thermally conductive properties of the textiles. Fabrics finished with silver, copper, nickel and tin provide shielding in the field of data security. In human and veterinary medicine, too, the silvered textiles are of great interest thanks to their antibacterial effect.

Sensing, Heating & Lighting

Sensors, Heating & Lighting

While technical requirements on electronics are constantly increasing, the fusion of electronics with textiles offers...

Sensing, Heating & Lighting

EMC Shielding

The function of electronic equipment can be impaired by electromagnetic fields (EMF). The problem: exposure to EMF is...

Sensing, Heating & Lighting

Flexible Circuits

Metallized textiles have many advantages over conventional materials. These include flexibility, durability, and the...

Sensing, Heating & Lighting

Wound Dressing

Shieldex addresses various problems in the field of wound care. Multidrug-resistant germs represent a major problem in...

Sensing, Heating & Lighting

Health & Hygiene

Shieldex products are an essential part of healthcare. Silver technology improves hygiene – both in the air (example:...

Sensing, Heating & Lighting

Wellness & Lifestyle

Everyday clothing is often in direct contact with microorganisms on the skin. The warm, moist environment offers a...