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Shieldex for Studies

The program

Shieldex supports students

With the “Shieldex for Studies” project, we are supporting students around the world who want to conduct research with the help of our metallised yarns, textiles, woven fabrics and nonwovens. Their work involves, for instance, investigating the conductivity of textiles or shielding against electromagnetic radiation. From our own experience, we know that good research takes time.

It can take several months to go from the initial idea to the final implementation – this was the case, for example, with our Shieldex metallisation process, on which our entire product development is based. If we can now help students with their research and shorten the development period by providing samples, we do this out of conviction.

The process of creating innovative products in which Shieldex materials are used is very exciting. Can we support your research project? Then please complete the “Shieldex for Studies” questionnaire and send it to karriere(at) We will get in touch with you straight away and provide you with the desired products at cost price. In return, you provide us with the documentation of the results in the form of interim and final reports as well as photos.

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