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Medical Textiles

Silver heals

Shieldex products have already been successfully used in the medical field for certified class 3 products.

Medical Textiles refer to the combination of textile technology and the medical sciences. For many years, multi-resistant germs have been a major problem in medical facilities. The resistance of bacteria and germs (MRSA) is promoted by antibiotics that are used too often or improperly. In addition to germs, the constant changing of wound dressings and bandages also creates environmentally harmful waste that could be avoided through the use of telemedicine. The development of medical textiles aims to increase patient comfort and safety.

Yarns, fabrics and composites are among the most common textiles used in medical technology. Dependent on the application, the main requirements for medical textiles differ by strength, flexibility, and thermal and electrical conductivity.

Dressings with Silver for Wounds

Silver ion release creates a continuously sterile environment that results in faster and natural wound healing. Microbes cannot continue to multiply on the silvered surface of the dressings, which accelerates wound healing and eliminates the need for daily dressing changes. This not only saves resources, but also contributes to cost savings while improving wound outcomes.

Silver meets ECG

Shieldex offers the basic material for textile electrodes, which due to the 99.9% pure silver is the ideal electrical conductor and thus the replacement for conventional dry electrodes.

The Shieldex material used for textile electrodes can be stretched as required and is finished on one side with other conductive, protective layers- such as silicone, polyurethane and polyester.

When processed into the final product, Shieldex textiles can sense vital signs, generate and dissipate electrical currents. Medical conditions can be monitored, tracked and corrected. Shieldex offers the right solutions for exactly this purpose. ECG electrodes made of Shieldex are mainly used for resting, long-term and exercise ECG measurements.

Silver protects

In the healthcare and hygiene sector, textiles play an important role along with other medical applications. Shieldex silver-plated textiles can be used for hygienic applications in the care and safety of staff and patients.

To prevent bacterial contamination on the surface of textiles such as staff garments and patient bedding, manufacturers can incorporate Shieldex into soft and flexible textiles such as privacy curtains, gowns, patient clothing and bedding. The silver-plated yarns, fabrics and composites have antimicrobial and anti-odor properties within the textile.

Smart Socks

Due to their flexibility and textile structure, Shieldex electrically conductive textiles are suitable for special applications in the healthcare sector as well as the manufacture of medical products. Shieldex's silver-plated products are OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified and, thanks to their antimicrobial properties, can be worn on bare skin.

Small sensors, for example, can be incorporated into socks made with Shieldex yarns to record every movement, speed, and number of steps taken and send the data to the wearer's smartphone via Bluetooth. The information gathered can be used to improve and correct one's running style.