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Madeira HC 12

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Madeira HC 12

Highly conductive embroidery thread with 235 dtex. Skin-friendly, comfortable, biocompatible and therefore ideal for the production of smart textiles. Available on 1000 m cones for 100/16 needles or as a sample with 150 m.

Commonly used for
  • Embroidery
  • garment production
  • sensors
Smart Textiles

Application fields

Madeira HC 12 (high conductive) can be used for embroidery and sewing. The thread acts as a bonding material with other conductive smart textiles or can be used for embroidering customer-specific electrodes.

The thread can be used in sportswear, workwear, home textiles, medical technology or even in the fashion sector.

HC 12 or HC40

The difference between Madeira HC 12 and Madeira HC 40 is their dtex and the resulting conductivity. Due to the higher dtex of the Madeira HC 12 yarn, it has an even higher conductivity than the HC 40.

Smart Textiles

Madeira HC 12

For the industrial embroidery and sewing industry, the highly conductive Madeira HC 12 embroidery thread was developed, a twisted thread refined with 99.9% pure silver. The individual filaments are joined together by a double twist. Madeira HC 12 sort for stable conductivity and optimal contacting.

Technical Data

Product ID 2002500HC121000
Type Fibers & Yarns: Conductive Yarns
Material 100 % Polyamide
Electrical Resistivity < 100 Ω/m

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