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Efficiency through resource conservation

Partial metallization

In contrast to the previously known technology, in which structures were realized via the subsequent removal of excess silver on the textile, we are now able to map and metallize only the required structure of the respective conductor track or heating coil. This method is significantly more resource-saving and efficient.

Realizable structures
Partial metallization

Realizable structures

Our partial metallization technology enables us to map customer-specific, freely selectable shapes onto flexible, stretchable and conductive fabric and to integrate them into customer applications. Conductive structures include, for example:
• Sensors
• antenna systems
• bus line systems
• heating coils
• capacitive sensors
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Advantages of partial metallization

Metallized textiles offer many advantages over conventional materials. The high flexibility, washability or weight advantages of the textile make technical textiles attractive for many different markets. The partially silver-plated material can be stretched in both directions if desired. A major advantage over alternative technologies is the special metallization technology. The design is completely silver-plated in all dimensions and is functional from both material sides of the conductive fabric at the same time.

Etching or partial silver plating?

Basically, a distinction is made between two processes, which offer advantages and disadvantages depending on the area of application.

In the case of etched structures, the metal is subsequently removed from the textile in the customer-specific form. This process is particularly suitable for a large purchase quantity. The base material and the structure specified by the customer are fully silver-plated. Further metallization with tin, copper and nickel as well as the use of the properties of these metals in the base material is possible. The customer specified structure is shown in the material on both sides and can be used.

In partial silver plating, only the design specified by the customer is fully silver plated. Metallization is possible only with silver. The material can be used as a solid textile or as a spreadable base. In partial silver plating, the structure is shown only on the front side, but can be used from both sides.


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