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Shieldex® Hygienic cloth

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Shieldex® Hygienic cloth

The Shieldex® Hygienic cloth protects against contact transmission in public spaces. Whether shopping, travelling or disinfecting your hands and personal items – the Shieldex® Hygienic cloth makes everyday life easier and is also an ideal companion when you’re on the move thanks to its handy size.

Commonly used for
  • Desinfection
  • Hygiene

Shieldex® Technology

The worldwide unique 3D metallization process, in which each individual filament is completely metallized, distinguishes our Shieldex® products and thus enables the ideal utilization of various metal properties in textile form.

At a glance

• antiviral

• antimicrobial

• fungicidal

• skin friendly

• washable

• sustainable

• self-disinfecting

Technical Data

Type Solutions
Properties The Shieldex® hygiene wipe is a textile refined with 99.9% pure silver. Due to the firm binding of the silver, the wipe can be reused, is sustainable and retains its textile structure and self-disinfecting effect even after washing. Due to the silver anchored in the textile, the cloth works without chemicals and is a resource-saving alternative to conventional liquid disinfectants.
Application fields Grab bars on public transportation; airplane travel; public places such as rest stops and restrooms; disinfection of surfaces such as the handle of the shopping cart or the touch screen of the cell phone; pin pads of ATMs.
Effectiveness & Function The cloth develops its self-disinfecting effect through the worldwide unique metallization process, which anchors the silver so firmly in the textile that it even withstands strong abrasion forces. The silver permanently releases ions into the environment, creating a surface that is hostile to germ survival. The pronounced antiviral and antibacterial effect of the Shieldex® hygiene wipe has been confirmed by two independent institutes and laboratories.
Size 30 cm X 30 cm
Packaging Shrink-wrapped in polybag incl. washing recommendation.
Material Silver plated polyamide 6 (nylon) parachute silk.
Washing recommendation Hand wash recommended, alternatively gentle cycle at 30 °C, use mild soap, do not use bleach, air drying recommended.
Important Silver oxidizes over time. This process is natural and known, for example, from silver jewelry. However, this does not affect the effectiveness. Silver is a biocidal active substance according to §67 of the Biocide Regulation (EU).


  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • RoHS

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