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Discover Shieldex® Copper tape

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Discover Shieldex® Copper tape

Copper deactivates viruses, bacteria and fungi within minutes and even remains effective after repeated wet and dry abrasion and re-contamination. The Shieldex® copper tape is a polyamide fleece finished with pure copper, which is effortlessly affixed to door and window handles, handrails or other breeding grounds for germs with a self-adhesive film. This causes viruses and bacteria to lose their effect in a very short time.

Commonly used for
  • protection agains environmental influences

As diverse as your requirements

The Shieldex® copper tape is available in various versions:

• Strong: for the most challenging indoor and outdoor applications. The super-strong adhesive affixes to (almost) all surfaces.

• Easy: Easy to affix and also incredibly easy to remove. No adhesive residue.

• Flex: Used wherever the standard product is not a good fit. Flexible use, for instance on curved handles.

Technical Data

Type Solutions
Fields of application Door handles; Window handles; Fabric handles, handrails, shopping trolleys, and much more
Instruction 1. Clean door handle so that it is dry and free of oil, grease, dust and dirt. 2. Place the long side of the tape against the handle and wrap it around so that the tape completely covers the handle once. If the tape overlaps by more than 1 cm, mark the excess material and cut the tape to size.3. Remove the backing paper and affix the tape so that the beginning and end of the tape meet on the underside of the handle. Smooth the tape from the centre outwards.
Size of the tapes 8 cm x 10 cm x 0.55 mm
Surface material Coppered polyamide nonwoven
Adhesive material Acrylate (adhesive resistance –40°C to +120°C)
Storage Cool and dry, at 15–25°C up to 65% relative humidity
Care instructions Regularly remove superficial soiling from the copper tape with a soft brush. In the event of heavy soiling that cannot be removed, we recommend replacing the tape to ensure optimal effectiveness. Copper oxidation is a natural process and does not represent a quality defect.
Safety instructions The blank is intended for affixing to door handles. Our polyamide and polyester textiles are galvanised with pure copper. Various international studies have been able to confirm that the survival time of viruses, bacteria and fungi is significantly shortened on copper surfaces. As our copper tape releases 7 times more copper ions compared to solid copper6, constant contact with the skin is not recommended. This product is intended as a supplementary measure and does not replace hygiene measures such as regular washing and disinfecting of the hands.


  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • RoHS

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