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Shieldex® Wrapped Yarn-coaxial

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Wrapped Yarn Coaxial Cable Replacement
  • Ag
  • Cu
  • Ni
  • Sn

Shieldex® Wrapped Yarn-coaxial

Protects what matters. Two Shieldex yarns are combined to form a flexible wrapping yarn that can be used as a coaxial cable. In combination with the wrapped yarn Shieldex® 117/17 2ply HCB and our highly electrically and thermally conductive Shieldex® TPU yarn, a coaxial cable could be realized. Coaxial cables consist of an inner conductor (Shieldex® 117/17 2ply HCB TPU), which is constantly surrounded by an outer conductor (Shieldex® 117/17 2ply HCB), shielding the inner conductor from interference radiation.

Commonly used for
  • Measurement
  • Signal Processing

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The conductive yarns are used, among other things, as current conductors for sensors, for the production of clothing and home textiles, and smart textiles. Order a sample of Shieldex® Wrapped Yarn-coaxial today and get started with your development. We will support you!

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Technical Data

Product ID 200471011717
Type Fibers & Yarns: Conductive Yarns
Material Core: Shieldex® 117/17 2 ply HCB TPU & Wrapped Material: Shieldex® 117/17 2 ply HCB
Electrical Resistivity < 300 Ω/m
Wrapped Yarn Coaxial Cable Replacement
Wrapped Yarn Coaxial

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