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Shieldex® Nanking

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Shieldex® Nanking

Thanks to its unique combination of conductive properties, lightweight construction, and high shielding performance of up to 70 dB, Shieldex® Nanking RS is a versatile choice for a wide range of applications requiring electromagnetic shielding.

Commonly used for
  • EMI Applications
  • Shielding
  • Shielding Curtains
  • Shielding Tents
Shieldex® Nanking RS
Features & Applications

Shieldex® Nanking RS

Shieldex® Nanking RS is a Nickel/Silver (Ni/Ag) plated polyamide nylon 6.6 ripstop fabric. Nanking RS offers an average shielding effectiveness of 70 dB from 30 MHz to 10 GHz. With its thinness of 0.101mm, lightweight nature of 47 grams/m², and low surface resistivity of <0.3 Ω/□, Shieldex® Nanking RS becomes a versatile conductive fabric

Application Fields

EMI/RFI cable shielding

The fabric excels in shielding electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) in cable applications. Shieldex® Nanking RS effectively blocks unwanted signals, ensuring signal integrity.

Laminated I/O shielded panels

Shieldex® Nanking RS serves as a base material for flat laminated panels used in electronic devices and control panels. The fabric provides reliable shielding against electromagnetic disturbances, reducing signal loss.

Foam gaskets

Shieldex® Nanking RS is also suitable as a base material for fabrics used in foam gaskets.
It enhances electrical conductivity and offers additional shielding properties, ensuring reliable sealing.

Technical Data

Product ID 1900102130
Type Shielding Fabrics: Knitted
Material 100% Polyamide
Electrical Surface Resistivity < 0.3 Ω/□
Shielding Effectiveness (0,2–2 GHz) Average of 70 dB from 0.2 - 2 GHz
Weight 47 g/m² ± 12 %
Thickness 0.10 mm ± 12 %

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