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Shieldex® Key Pouch

Faraday Bag mit einem Autoschlüssel
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Shieldex® Key Pouch

Our Shieldex® Key Pouch is the most secure solution for signal blocking keyless go keys. Automotive "Keyless Go" technology for locking and unlocking the vehicle offers great potential for possible vehicle theft. Within a certain range, the wireless key communicates continuously with the car, even when the wireless key is safely stored indoors. This signal can be intercepted, and the vehicle opened and stolen by unauthorized persons. Our Shieldex® Key Pouches offer reliable shielding of the radio keys, providing secure keyless go and car theft protection.

Commonly used for
  • car theft protection
  • Keyless Go
Shieldex® Key Pouch protects keyless go technology
Reliable car theft protection

Shieldex® Key Pouch protects keyless go technology

Our Shieldex® Key Pouch blocks the radio wave signals from the wireless key. Once the keyless go key is safely stored in the pouch, all signals are blocked. Soimt there is no communication between the vehicle and the key. This means that no radio signals can be intercepted or extended. Furthermore, the Shieldex® Key Pouch is suitable for all common keyless go and keyless entry keys. When closed, the pouch has an outer dimension of 9 cm x 11.5 cm and can therefore be stowed in trouser pockets and handbags. The outer material is easy to clean with a damp cloth and offers extreme durability. The materials and the production of the Shieldex® Key Pouch are 100% Made in Germany as well as measured and certified according to the IEEE 299/2006 standard.

At a glance

Protection against car theft

The Shieldex® Key Pouch provides 100% signal blocking between the vehicle and the key once it is securely stored in the Key Pouch. Opening the vehicle is no longer possible at the shortest distance when the key is in the Shieldex® Key Pouch.

Engineered & Made in Germany

When it comes to safety, we know no compromise. We pay attention to a production "Made in Germany". All processed materials are produced by hand and are subject to the highest quality standards. You can rely on absolute premium quality with Shieldex.

Small pouch with big effect

The shielding fabrics used in the Shieldex® Key Pouch are made of 99.9% pure silver and an additional coating that protects the material from contamination. The outer shell of the Shieldex® Key Pouch is made of Delinova® - a tear-resistant and very durable material.

How does Keyless Go work?

Keyless Go is convenient because the radio key unlocks the vehicle thanks to a chip integrated in the door opener that emits coded signals. These radio waves are intended solely for the receiver installed in the car. As soon as the driver is near his vehicle with the radio key, it unlocks automatically thanks to the constant communication between the vehicle and the key. These radio waves make it easy for thieves to unlock vehicles with keyless go technology via antennas and radio link extenders. The mostly homemade technology bridges distances of up to 400 meters. The data signal picked up tricks the keyless access system into thinking the key or transponder is nearby. The keyless access system then unlocks the car. In most cases, this process usually takes only 30 seconds.

Quality Made in Germany

Why you should choose our Shieldex® Key Pouch

The Shieldex® Key Pouch offers reliable protection against car theft by blocking the radio waves of the keyless go key. Furthermore, it is suitable for all popular keyless go and keyless entry systems, has a practical size and is made of durable materials that are 100% produced in Germany. In addition, all Shieldex Pouches are certified according to the IEEE 299/2006 standard.

Reliable shielding

Shieldex® Key Pouches block all wireless RF signals including RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, cell phone and car key signals.

Selected material combination

The inner layer of the Shieldex® Key Pouch consists of a fabric metallized with 99.9% pure silver, which has been proven to shield up to 60 dB in the frequency range up to 5 GHz. An additional coating makes the shielding fabric particularly resistant to external environmental influences

Quality Made in Germany

We only use materials from the EU and manufacture the bags ourselves in detailed handwork. For our shielding fabrics we use only pure silver and clearly distance ourselves from harmful nano-silver.

Tradition for 45 years

We are a family-run company in the third generation. Shieldex is the world's leading manufacturer in the field of metallized shielding textiles. All products are produced in Germany according to the highest quality standards.

Cars and motorcycles with the “keyless” convenience locking system are significantly easier to steal than vehicles with normal radio keys. This was shown by a study conducted by the ADAC on 300 different automobile models. During the investigation, the locking systems of the keyless go vehicles were tested with a self-built radio extension. The result: almost all vehicles examined in the test could be unlocked and driven away in a matter of seconds. (Source: ADAC)

– Keyless Go as a security gap
– Communication signals between car and key can be intercepted
– Vehicles can be unlocked within seconds
– Vehicles can be driven for miles without a radio key

Our Shieldex® Key Pouch is the reliable solution for car theft protection for keyless go systems. With its ability to block radio wave signals from the key, the small Faraday Bag successfully prevents signal interception from outside interference and provides secure and reliable radio key shielding.

– Key Pouch acts as a Faraday Bag
– Radio wave signals are blocked
– Foreign interference not possible
– Safe and reliable shielding of radio keys

Easily store your keyless go key in the Shieldex® Key Pouch, which functions like a Faraday Bag, and protect yourself from unwanted car thefts. With an outer size of 9 cm x 11.5 cm and an easy-to-clean outer shell made of 100% Made in Germany materials, the Shieldex® Key Pouch is a practical and durable option for protecting your keyless go key. All Shieldex Pouches are measured and certified according to IEEE 299/2006.

– Secure protection against car theft
– Reliable radio key shielding
– Keyless Go protection in a small format
– Materials 100% Made in Germany

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