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EMC Shielding

EMC Shielding: Success in Industrial Applications

EMC Shielding for Next-Generation Applications

Shieldex – this name is now an established brand and a well-known term in the world of EMC shielding. But how did the company become an internationally recognized leader in the production of silver-coated yarn, fibers, and multi-metallic fabric goods? Today, we want to showcase this success story in our blog post and highlight why Shieldex’s EMC shielding is a crucial component of today’s technology world.

The First Steps into the World of EMC Shielding

Over a decade ago, Shieldex took the bold step to revolutionize the global market with silver-coated yarn and fibers. These initial advancements paved the way for new industries and the development of innovative products. The versatile application of these products in the technology sector was particularly evident in the automotive industry, where technical textiles have become indispensable today.

Partnerships with Prominent Automotive Manufacturers

Shieldex emerged as a reliable partner and supported automotive giants in implementing innovative ideas. With heated textiles for secure seat heating in the popular Multivan model, a crucial foundation was laid for autonomous driving, high-performance assistance systems, and extensive electronics.

EMC Shielding in the Service of Safety and Research

Shieldex recognized the growing need for EMC shielding in an increasingly digital world. The rise of wireless communication also led to increased exposure to electromagnetic fields. Furthermore, the expansion of required antennas reached new heights in radiation exposure. Shieldex acknowledged these issues and increasingly focused on shielding this electromagnetic radiation.

Top-Level Security

American federal agencies and international intelligence agencies needed shielding bags for securing IT forensic evidence. Shieldex seized the opportunity and developed Shieldex® Shielding Bags. This collaboration not only marked a milestone in the company’s history but also underscored the trustworthiness and quality of Shieldex’s EMC products.

Shieldex Shielding Pouches

Cooperation with NASA

A significant milestone was the delivery of a Shieldex® EMC Shielding Enclosure to the American space agency NASA. This tent has since been used to test Mars robots and satellites, demonstrating the versatility and reliability of Shieldex’s electromagnetic shielding products.

Shieldex EMC Shielding Enclosures

EMC Shielding as a Solution for New Technological Challenges

With the rapid technological development, new challenges emerge. Major logistics companies are seeking solutions to address these challenges. Consequently, Shieldex continues to find solutions for problems of all kinds that combine technological innovation with practical applicability.

Conclusion - Progress, Innovation, and Courage

The story of Shieldex is a tale of progress, innovation, and the courage to forge new paths. Through its work, the company has revolutionized the world of EMC shielding and established itself as a leader in an increasingly technological world. Shieldex has proven that the right blend of courage, innovation, and quality has made EMC shielding an integral part of our modern technology world. We look forward to seeing what new challenges and opportunities the future holds.


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