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Shieldex® EMC Enclosure

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EMV Zelt zur elektromagnetischen Abschirmung eines Teslas im Bereich Automotive
  • Ag
  • Cu
  • Ni
  • Sn

Shieldex® EMC Enclosure

Our Shieldex® EMC enclosures are the ideal choice for laboratory tests and measurements in the frequency range from 0.03 to 16 GHz and shield up to 95 dB. Due to their flexible and lightweight components, our shielded tents are portable and can be erected and dismantled in a very short time.

Commonly used for
  • Faraday Cage
  • room shielding
  • Shielding Enclosure


Whether large or small, we can configure the right tent for you. Our small table tents are suitable for conducting precise measurements on small objects. Large tents can be used to measure bulky objects. Shieldex® EMC enclosures turn any room into a measuring laboratory.


Thanks to the unique metallisation process, the metals are bonded to the polyamide. This allows the Shieldex products to offer a particularly high degree of abrasion resistance. The high quality and longevity of Shieldex products are confirmed by many years of experience.
You are spared the expense and complication of transporting objects to testing laboratories, which are normally accommodated in external institutions.
Even large-scale objects such as HGVs and satellites can be tested in our RF enclosures.

Design your own EMC enclosure!

At Shieldex, we offer our customers the best possible solution for their needs. For this reason, we decided to develop a configurator that allows our customers to design their individual Shieldex® shielding enclosure. The configurator is easy to use and guides the user step by step through the tent design process. You can choose from various options such as frame, floor, entrance system and size as well as additional components. The configurator allows you to customize your shielding enclosure and tailor it to your specific needs.

Start designing

The art of shielding

The professional protection from electromagnetic shielding. Shieldex EMC solutions combine unique technology and functional design. The best available components have been used, taking into account the highest quality standards. With Shieldex, there is no need to compromise or sacrifice user-friendly handling.

EMC Enclosure


Unlike most shielding tents, Shieldex RF enclosures are designed to allow for a wide variety of shielded enclosure configurations without sacrificing quality and performance. Complex and costly EMC compliance testing can be avoided by using Shieldex® EMC enclosures and pre-compliance testing during the product development phase.




Shieldex® Table Tops were developed to perform measurements of smaller objects directly on site without much effort. The shielding performance is on average 88 dB from 0.03 GHz to 16 GHz.

Technical Data

Type Solutions
Applications Shielding of highly sensitive electronic equipment; Computer and mobile phone forensics; Electromagnetic allergy/electrosmog; Testing of cars, satellites, computers and control systems; Use in leading companies within aerospace (NASA, OHB), the automotive industry and in the military sector.
Properties Conductive woven fabric for high-frequency tents and pouches
Material description Ni/Cu/Ag/Sn-plated nylon woven fabric
Shielding effectiveness Average up to 95 dB from 0.03 GHz to 16 GHz
IEE 299/2006 All shielded enclosures have been measured according to the IEEE 299/2006 standard
Cleanroom compatible A300 (Class 1.000)
Temperature range -30°C to 90°C
Stock Size EMC Enclosure 2150 x 2150 x 2180 mm (LxBxH)
Stock Size EMC-Table-Top 610 x 1220 x 610 mm (LxWxH)
Tailor made solutions Both the size and the fabric of the enclosure are designed according to your requirements. Handmade, your customized shielded enclosures will be made in our in-house studio. Therefore, customer's requests are easy to implement.
Additional components Create your personal shielding RF enclosure! With additional components your shielding enclosure becomes unique: door, window, I/O panel, light, floor, ventilation system, cable sleevs. Different configurations such as frame type, ventilation or lighting are possible.
Repair service By tradition, we focus on the highest quality and durability of our products. Should your shielded enclosures ever need to be serviced, we are there for you in our high-performance Repair Center
Warranty To ensure economic efficiency and your productionrunning smoothly, we will keep supporting you in maintaining the value of your investment. Talk to us!


  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • RoHS

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