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EMC Shielding

EMC enclosures for securing evidence in IT forensics

EMC shielding enclosures from Shieldex in IT forensics

What is IT forensics?

IT forensics plays a critical role in digital investigations by analyzing electronic data. In a world where organized crime increasingly operates digitally, ensuring the secure and legally admissible preservation of digital evidence is essential. IT forensic experts specialize in extracting, analyzing, and preserving data from various digital sources, such as computers, smartphones, or large IT systems, for use in legal proceedings.

The Need for IT Forensics

IT forensics is indispensable for identifying and securing digital evidence, aiding in the reconstruction of information from digital sources crucial to crime investigation. In today’s interconnected world, where data can be swiftly transmitted and manipulated, the ability to rapidly and efficiently secure digital evidence is of utmost importance.


Shieldex Shielding Enclosures: Setting a New Standard in IT Forensics

High-Performance Shielding

Shieldex’s shielding enclosures establish a new standard for securing digital evidence in IT forensics, achieving impressive shielding performance of up to 95dB in a frequency range from 0.03 to 40 GHz. This ensures that data stored within the tent is protected from external signals and electromagnetic interference.

Customized Solutions for IT forensics

Manufactured in Germany, these EMC enclosures are tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of customers, including both national and international security agencies at various levels of government. These agencies rely on the reliability and efficiency of this technology.


Innovation by Michelin Inflatable Solutions: The Inflatable Frame

Revolutionizing Frame Structure

The latest innovation in shielding enclosures is the introduction of the Inflatable Frame, developed in collaboration with Michelin. Unlike traditional aluminum frames, this new frame is based on kite-surfing technology, making it lighter, more flexible, and easier to transport and assemble.

Adaptability for Large Objects

This technological advancement enables the creation of shielding enclosures in previously unattainable sizes, suitable even for large vehicles such as airplanes, cars, and trucks. The ability to fully enclose such objects opens new frontiers in securing large and hard-to-access digital evidence in digital forensics.

Conclusion - A New Turning Point

The combination of high-performance shielding tents from Shieldex and innovative technology from Michelin Inflatable Solutions marks a turning point in IT forensics. These advanced technologies empower investigators to effectively secure evidence of all sizes, making a significant contribution to solving digital crimes.

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