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Gerafftes silbernes Textil

The Story Behind Shieldex

Silverell – A Success Story Under Female Leadership

Silverell: Revolution in the Textile Industry

In the history of the textile industry focused on silver textiles, there are few names as powerful and influential as Silverell. This brand, a groundbreaking development of the company Shieldex, has revolutionized the way we think about and use textiles. In this enlightening retrospective, we delve into the history of the fashion brand, highlighting the invaluable contribution of Claudia Erichsen, the former CEO of Shieldex.

The Beginnings

Shieldex has its origins in passion and a quest for innovation. From the invention of silver-coated yarn and fibers to the establishment of multi-metallic fabric goods, Shieldex strives for innovations and sets new standards in the textile market.

From Yarn to Brand

With the introduction of Silverell, Shieldex bridged the gap from being a mere manufacturer of metallized yarns and fabrics to becoming a provider of end-consumer products. The fashion label Silverell, based on Shieldex’s innovative materials, embodies the company’s pursuit of progress and customer-centric approach.

Claudia Erichsen: A Woman at the Helm

The Role of Women in Business

Claudia Erichsen, the daughter of founder Kurt Bertuleit and CEO until 2021, had a lasting impact on the Silverell brand. Furthermore, she demonstrated that women in the business world can not only be successful but also a driving force. In addition to innovating new and existing products, she also focused on economic progress. “Women are gaining more influence in our society,” she once said. This statement succinctly summarizes her career and her influence on Shieldex and Silverell.

Leading Through Difficult Times

Under Claudia Erichsen’s leadership, Silverell experienced both its greatest growth periods and the most economically challenging times. However, she managed to combine professional success with a familial approach to her employees. This attitude significantly contributed to the success of Silverell.

Conclusion - Courage for Change

The story of Silverell and Shieldex is more than just the story of a successful company. It is proof of the power of innovation, the courage for change, and the ability of women to make a difference in the business world. Claudia Erichsen and her brand Silverell are a shining example of the change that can be achieved with passion, dedication, and a pursuit of excellence.


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