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Zelt mit aufblasbaren Rahmen und eingehängtem Textil

EMC Shielding

Revolution in EMC shielding enclosures

Shieldex® EMC Shielding Enclosures with Michelin Inflatable Frame

The world of electromagnetic shielding has experienced a significant breakthrough. Shieldex, already known for its efficient EMV shielding tents, has recently introduced a revolutionary inflatable frame design. This innovation, resulting from a collaboration with Michelin, combines Shieldex’s high shielding performance with an inflatable frame’s flexibility and low weight based on advanced kite-surfing technology.


EMC Shielding Enclosures – Quick Setup and Easy Transport

A key feature of this new technology is the Michelin Inflatable Frame, which revolutionizes the assembly and transport of Shieldex’s shielding tents. The tents can now be set up in an impressive 60 seconds depending on their size. This is a significant advancement compared to traditional tents with aluminum frames. Additionally, the Shieldex® EMC Shielding Enclosures with the inflatable frame are four times lighter, significantly easing transportation and handling.


Maintaining High Shielding Performance

Despite the innovations in their construction, the Shieldex® EMC Shielding Enclosures with inflatable frames maintain their high RF safety. They achieve a shielding performance of up to 95dB in a frequency range of 0.01 to 40 GHz. This high shielding property continues to make the EMV tents a reliable choice for demanding applications in electromagnetic shielding.


Application Areas and Target Groups

The advanced shielding tents with inflatable frames from Shieldex are particularly valuable for industries such as aerospace, defense, and security agencies. They offer ideal solutions for testing and securing large test products like vehicles and aircraft. Their flexibility also makes them suitable for a wide range of EMV applications. The satisfaction of Shieldex’s customers, which already include renowned manufacturers (OHB, NASA, Airbus) from the aerospace sector, speaks for itself.

Shieldex® EMC shielding enclosures - a look ahead

Shieldex® EMV Shielding Enclosures with Michelin Inflatable Frame mark an important step in the evolution of shielding technologies. The combination of lightweight, quick setup, and high shielding performance makes these tents an attractive option for a variety of applications in diverse industries. With this innovation, Shieldex sets new standards in the world of electromagnetic shielding tents.

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