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Shieldex® Monofil Braided Tube 6/8

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Shieldex® Monofil Braided Tube 6/8

The silver-plated monofilament braided tube made of flexible polyamide is a high-quality shielding product specifically designed to protect cables and wires. With its unique structure, it provides reliable protection against electromagnetic interference and other harmful influences. In addition, the tube is extremely flexible and can be easily cut to the desired length. With this monofilament braided tube, you can safely protect your cables and wires and ensure optimal signal transmission.

Commonly used for
  • Cable Shielding

Technical Data

Product ID 6005044Schla
Type Components
Raw Material 100 % Polyamide 6.6 with 80 monofilaments
Type 3/4
Diameter Range 5-11 mm / 0,197”-0,433”
Linear resistance < 30 Ω/m
Shielding effectiveness Average 50 dB (1 GHz)
Length 100 ± 2m / 109,4 yd ± 2,2 yd
Make up Bundle
Coating Protective Coating


  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • RoHS

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