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Shieldex® Electrode Set

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Shieldex® Electrode Set

Shieldex® Electrode Set - This set revolutionizes how we conduct electrode tests and develop applications. It results from our successful collaboration with the renowned ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH. Shieldex® Electrode Set is ideal for testing purposes and expanded applications.

Commonly used for
  • Electrodes
  • sensors

What is the Shieldex® Electrode Set?

The Shieldex® Electrode Set is a collection of nine moss-stitched electrodes in three different sizes. It comes in three versions, each containing different types of stitched yarns - Shieldex® 33/10, Shieldex® 78/20, and Shieldex® 235/36. Each electrode has an additional stitched area that makes it easier to connect to your electronics, for example, using conductive snaps.

The electrodes each have the following diameters:

3 x Ø 20 mm
3 x Ø 43 mm
3 x Ø 65 mm

Why choose the Shieldex® Electrode Set?

Advantages of Moss-Stitched Electrodes

The Shieldex® Electrode Set leverages the benefits of moss-stitching with conductive thread. Due to their three-dimensional structure and increased contact area, moss-stitched electrodes offer lower impedance between the electrode and skin, thus improving the quality of captured body signals. This innovative concept enhances conductivity, reduces irritation, and eliminates the need for additional salt or conductive gels. Moreover, no adhesives are required, as the sensor can be directly stitched into a compression garment.

Problems with Traditional Electrodes

Conventional electrodes have several significant drawbacks. They use conductive pads, usually made of copper, and a thin salt gel between the pad and the skin. While this system is functional, it has weaknesses such as the drying out of the gel, leading to reduced conductivity and skin irritations. Furthermore, the width of the copper pads limits possible electrode density, and the adhesives used for attachment can lead to skin irritation.

Areas of Application

Besides monitoring and inputting body signals, moss-stitched electrodes can also be used as output devices for the electrostimulation therapy of muscles and nerves in the field of physiotherapy. Additionally, moss-stitched electrodes are suitable for EMS training. Due to the electrical conductivity of the yarn, mild electric pulses can be delivered to muscle groups through the stitched electrodes. The Shieldex® Electrode Set represents a significant innovation in electrode technology. It offers a reliable, comfortable, and efficient alternative to traditional electrodes. With its simple design and flexibility in application, it has the potential to fundamentally change the way we use and test electrodes.

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Moosgestickte Elektrode auf dunklem Textil
Nahansicht einr moosgestickten Elektrode
Textil mit aufgestickten Elektroden

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