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Fibers & Yarns

Fibers & Yarns for Antistatic Applications

Antistatic Materials & Shieldex Technology

– Innovations for Your Business

Modern technology today has opened the door to a world of materials and products that were once unimaginable. A remarkable breakthrough in this development is antistatic materials. They help control static electricity and ensure the smooth operation of devices in a variety of industries. At the forefront of this revolution is Shieldex, a globally leading company in the production of metalized textiles. These textiles provide effective protection against electrostatic discharge and are 100% Made in Germany.

The Innovation Behind Shieldex

Shieldex and the Unique Silver Plating Process

The metalized textiles manufactured by Shieldex are based on a unique silver plating process that is world-leading. Through this process, fibers and yarns are metalized with 99.9% pure silver, offering outstanding antistatic properties by using silver as the metallization material. As a result, Shieldex’s antistatic materials effectively prevent electrostatic charging and protect sensitive electronic components from damage.

Copper, Nickel, and Tin in Textile Form

In addition to silver, Shieldex also uses copper, nickel, and tin for the metallization of its textiles. Copper has electromagnetic shielding properties, nickel enhances conductivity and serves as corrosion protection, while tin allows for the soldering of fabrics without compromising their flexibility and high conductivity.


Fibers and Yarns for antistatic applications

Shieldex Yarns: Where Conductivity Meets Versatility

Shieldex offers a range of yarns, including monofilaments, multifilaments, and twisted yarns. These yarns are highly versatile due to their antistatic, thermal, and electrical conductivity properties. They are particularly suitable for technical and antistatic applications, as they are tear-resistant and highly conductive.

Shieldex Fibers: The Blend Matters

Shieldex fibers can be easily spun with natural and chemical fibers, significantly expanding their applications in conductive textiles. They are available in various lengths and configurations, primarily used in clothing and home textiles.

Conclusion - Effective Protection Against Electrostatic Discharge

Shieldex's antistatic materials provide impressive solutions for a variety of applications. Their products, manufactured through a globally unique process, enhance efficiency and functionality in numerous industries. Whether in the automotive industry, smart textiles, or conductive textiles, Shieldex opens new possibilities and sets standards in the use of antistatic materials.

Antistatic fibers and yarns

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