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Antistatic Fibers: Shieldex and the Revolution in the Textile Industry

Shieldex’s Path to Revolutionary Technologies

Antistatic fibers are a crucial component of our modern textile industry and have revolutionized the way we think about and use materials. But where did it all begin? The answer takes us back to a small garage at the Bremen Hansa Works, where the success story of Shieldex and the legacy of antistatic fibers had its humble beginnings.

The Modest Beginnings of Shieldex

Experiments in a Garage

The story of Shieldex starts inconspicuously in a garage at the Bremen Hansa Works. Here, textile engineer and founder of Shieldex, Kurt Bertuleit, along with a chemist friend, conducted experiments with silver and plastic nylon yarns.

An Innovative Idea – Antistatic Fibers

They pursued a remarkable idea: the production of silver-coated yarns for antistatic discharge in carpets. These special carpets were of great importance in aviation because static charging of people and objects and sudden discharges could lead to the failure of aircraft-installed technology. Bertuleit and his team’s innovative vision laid the foundation for the company’s formation: Statex – the silver-coated yarn against static charge, technical textiles from the city of Bremen.

The Establishment of Shieldex

In October 1978, the Bremen Chamber of Commerce finally registered the founding of Statex Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH by Kurt Bertuleit.

Antistatic Fibers: A Revolution in the Textile Industry

The Significance of Silver in Fibers

The role that silver-plated fibers play in the modern textile industry cannot be overstated. They offer a myriad of applications and have revolutionized numerous industries, including aviation, electronics, and medicine.

The Breakthrough of Shieldex

Shieldex’s antistatic fibers eventually displaced the brittle steel fibers from the market. This breakthrough established Shieldex as a pioneer in the use of silver-plated fibers and forever changed the textile industry.


Conclusion - Innovation & Vision for an Industry

The story of Shieldex and the role of antistatic fibers in the textile industry is a fascinating example of how innovation and vision can revolutionize an industry. From humble beginnings in a Bremen garage to changing textile technology, Shieldex has repeatedly proven to be a driving force in the development and application of antistatic fibers. Their history is a shining example of the transformative power of innovation and evidence of how antistatic fibers have changed the way we use and understand textiles.

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