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Smart Textiles Set FSD™/ELITEX®

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Smart Textiles Set FSD™/ELITEX®

Discover the fascinating potential of electrically conductive yarn with our new experimental kit, Textile Lighting. Developed by imbut and manufactured with Shieldex's high-quality electrically conductive yarn, this kit offers a unique way to effortlessly integrate electronic components into textiles. With innovative FSD™ sequins (Functional Sequin Device), you can bring your creative ideas to life. These conductive sequins can be freely placed on any textile and simultaneously electrically connected. With electrically conductive yarn in the smart textile’s domain, your design possibilities are limitless.

Commonly used for
  • Smart Textiles
FSD™ Sequins (Functional Sequin Device)

How Sequins and Conductive Yarn Bring Textiles to Life

The unique FSD™ sequins (Functional Sequin Device) revolutionize textile design by seamlessly integrating electronic components onto various fabrics. Featuring high-quality 0805 form factor LEDs, these functional sequins provide a stunning lighting experience. Due to their handy design, FSD™ sequins can be freely placed on any textile, while also offering electrical connectivity through the combination with an electrically conductive yarn. With Shieldex's electrically conductive yarn and FSD™ sequins, you can create unique, luminous textiles.

Benefits of Electrically Conductive Yarn in Conjunction with Illuminating Sequins

The use of pre-made LEDs in the sequins saves users the tedious task of soldering LEDs onto the textiles. Furthermore, the simple connection of the illuminating sequins with electrically conductive yarn eliminates the need for inflexible and hard wires as conductors in the fabric. By embroidering the illuminating sequins, the textile remains soft and flexible, thereby maintaining wearer comfort. The application possibilities of electrically conductive yarn in conjunction with FSD™ sequins are extremely versatile. Experience textile design in a completely new dimension.

Electronics & Textile – The Perfect Combination

In Which Areas Can FSD™ Sequins Be Applied?

FSD™ sequins, in combination with Shieldex’s electrically conductive yarn, are perfect for integrating electronic circuits into textiles. Consequently, a multitude of application possibilities open up:

  • Illuminating textiles that can be used in safety clothing or in the fashion industry
  • Smart clothing with LEDs, which can be used in the sports or wellness sectors, enabling various functions like lighting, sensors, or even communication
  • Ambient lighting for automotive interiors or upholstery fabric

With the “Textile Lighting” experimental kit, users can test the application of electrically conductive yarn in combination with FSD™ sequins themselves. Equipped with enough material to embroider 3 LEDs onto a textile, this kit is ideal for research and development departments, as well as for DIY enthusiasts.

What is inside?

What is Included in the Experimental Kit "Textile Lighting"?

• A fleece as textile backing material
• A sewing needle
• ELITEX® XT conductive embroidery thread
• 3 white FSD™ sequins each equipped with LEDs
• Non-conductive thread
• A button cell holder
• Button cell CR 2032

Additional Material for the "Textile Lighting" Experiment

In addition to the "Textile Lighting" experimental kit, you will need the following components:
• Scissors

See in the video tutorial how you can embroider LEDs onto a textile with the Textile Light Experiment Set.


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