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Smart Textiles Set – e-Web

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Smart Textiles Set – e-Web

The Smart Textiles Set e-Web is an electrically conductive adhesive web that provides a planar electrical connection for smart textiles. It offers the ability to connect conductive textile structures or smart textiles with other conductive materials such as foils, electronic components, and connecting cables on textile conductive paths. With e-Web, even textile heating structures in smart textiles can be electrically connected and evenly heated.

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About the e-Web

Why is e-Web Important for Smart Textiles?

The e-Web revolutionizes the electrical connection of smart textiles. It replaces traditional connection methods like crimping, riveting, or screwing. To establish a connection with smart textiles, only an iron is required. This method enables soft and flexible connection points, greatly enhancing the comfort of smart textiles.

Applications of e-Web in Smart Textiles

e-Web is a key component in the production of smart textiles. It is ideal for creating electrical connections in flexible materials, such as to produce smart garments for sports or wellness. Moreover, smart textiles with e-Web are applied in evenly heated outdoor and recreational textiles.

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Experimenting with Smart Textiles

The e-Web Set

The Experimental Textile Heating Set is an excellent way to become familiar with the electrical connection of smart textiles using e-Web. It contains all the materials needed for establishing an electrical connection and is therefore ideal for research and development departments in the smart textiles industry or for hobbyists with an interest in smart textiles.

What is included?

What is Included in the Experimental Set for Smart Textiles?

The experimental set includes the following components:

• 2 pieces of 2 x 1.5 cm e-Web
• 4 pieces of 20 x 5 mm contact tape
• 1 battery box
• 1 piece (190 x 20 mm) textile heating area
• 1 set of experiment instructions
• 1 product datasheet for e-Web

Additional Material for Experimenting with Smart Textiles

In addition to the experimental set, the following components are needed:

• A piece of Teflon foil or baking paper
• An iron
• An object to apply pressure to the contact point while it cools
• A multimeter
• Two AA batteries

Instructions for Experimenting with Smart Textiles

A video tutorial guides you through the process of creating a planar electrical connection with the Experimental Set for Smart Textiles. It shows you how to establish a stable electrical connection without the need for crimping, riveting, or screwing.

Click here for further instructions
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