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Shieldex® Wrapped Yarn-dyed black

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Shieldex® Wrapped Yarn-dyed black

Wrapping yarns in any color and with the electrically and thermally conductive properties of Shieldex. Ideal for the apparel industry. Shieldex silver-plated yarn can be easily wrapped around dyed cotton yarns, colored polyester yarns and many more. The silver-plated yarn with its 99.9 % pure silver is not directly affected in the dyeing process and it can therefore be used for almost all dyed yarns without losing any of its positive properties.

Commonly used for
  • garment production
  • Home textiles
  • Smart Textiles

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With the colored wrapped yarns from the cooperation of Shieldex and Lederer, there are no limits to creativity. Antimicrobial, electrically and thermally conductive products are possible with the Shieldex® Wrapped Yarns dyed in a wide variety of colors.

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Shieldex® Wrapped Yarns dyed

Fusion of Color and Conductivity

In the realm of textile innovation, Shieldex® Wrapped Yarns dyed presents a world of endless creative possibilities. By combining vibrant colors with the remarkable properties of Shieldex's wrapped yarns, designers and creators can unlock a new level of artistic expression. With Shieldex® Wrapped Yarns dyed, the fusion of color and conductivity comes to life. These yarns offer an extensive palette of shades to choose from. From rich, deep hues to bright and vibrant tones, the possibilities for creating visually stunning textiles are limitless. What sets Shieldex® Wrapped Yarns dyed apart is the preservation of their unique properties throughout the wrapping process. The conductivity and other functional characteristics remain intact, ensuring that the final product not only boasts stunning aesthetics but also offers enhanced functionality.

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Technical Data

Product ID 20047108514410
Type Fibers & Yarns: Conductive Yarns
Material Core: 85/1 Viscose & Wrapped Material: Shieldex® 44/10 PA 6.0
Electrical Resistivity < 2.5 kΩ/m

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