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Shieldex® 400 μ Monofil

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Garn mit leitfähigen Eigenschaften auf einem hellen Hintergrund
  • Ag
  • Cu
  • Ni
  • Sn

Shieldex® 400 μ Monofil

Conductive, monofilament yarn with a titer of 400 microns and an electrical resistance of <60 Ω/cm. The conductive yarn is of particular interest in the field of robotics and data transmission or data feedback. It also has an antistatic effect and is particularly relevant for IT.

Commonly used for
  • Cable Sleeves
  • ESD applications

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Shieldex® 400 μ Monofil
Features & Applications

Shieldex® 400 μ Monofil

The Shieldex® 400 μ monofilament with a titer of 400 microns and round cross-section was processed in a rope as part of a project as data feedback. In addition, this yarn is very interesting for the robotics market by being twisted and tensioned to be used as an artificial muscle. Target market of this product are textile institutes, research facilities as well as companies operating in the field of robotics. RoHS and REACH conformity is given.

Technical Data

Product ID 4002410400
Type Fibers & Yarns: Conductive Yarns
Material Polyamid / Nylon 6.6
Electrical Resistivity < 60 Ω/cm
Mikroskopaufnahme eines Monofilamenten Garnes
Aufnahme eines Monofilamenten Garnes unter dem Mikroskop
Nahaufnahme eines Monofilamenten Garnes
Nahaufnahme des oberen Teils eines Garns auf freigestelltem Hintergrund

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